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Email-Only Service

Using a different ISP?
Moving to an area not serviced by OCS?
Want a permanent email address no matter where you are?
Looking for superior services and support?

Virtually all ISPs include both 1) a connection to the Internet and 2) email service, but it is not necessary to use both of them together – just as you may rent a mailbox anywhere you wish.

In other words, you may set your connection software to access the Internet via the ISP of your choice, while at the same time setting your email program to use an entirely different service. Once connected to the Internet, your email program uses the postal service you’ve configured.

This means you can be located literally anywhere in the world – whether it’s your business or a personal account – and still keep your email service at OCS. Preserve your address and our superior automated virus and spam filtering no matter where you are.

Special pricing is only $9.95 per month if your connection service is not with OCS, which includes up to five (5) mailbox addresses and of course all of our superlative virus and spam filtering. Call us at 559.781.4123 for more information about Email-Only Service!